Pin the World 2

Finally available, with lots of new features!

The app has been completely rewritten to meet your needs! In addition to all the functions that were available in the first version, you can now enjoy the following improvements:

- New graphics for viewing and adding the pins.
- Attach photos, text, internet links and audio recordings to a pin. It is possible to enter an unlimited number of attachments.
- When sending a pin you can choose to send the entire category. The recipient will receive the pins all together in one package.
- Ability to freely manage your own backup using Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud Drive or any other service. It is also possible to send the backup by email.
- Improved ease of category management. It is now easier to add, edit and delete them.
- Ability to lock the app with a password, to prevent any changes to the pins. Useful in case of use in business.
- Improved pin search, with the possibility of ordering them using a drop down menu. Saves the order last used.
- You can now view the app horizontally on the iPhone.
...and many other minor improvements!

All pins stored on the first version will be exported to the new format automatically.